PMAC gives the best efforts to offer the best permanent makeup in Denver, Colorado. We take every precaution to avoid infection. Additionally, we utilize the best pigments used by industry leaders, Biotek. For the microblading service, we only use needle configurations from Deluxe Brows, a trusted company that provides consistent quality. After researching multiple lash lift products, Elleebana One Shot Lash Lift is what we chose due to the silicone rolls they have patented instead of traditional rollers to give more of a lifting effect from the base of the eyelash. Additionally it is a fast-processing formulation and is formaldehyde free. We only use ReflectoCil for lash and brow tints to ensure you get the greatest length out of the service. We are constantly looking to improve services and be on the cutting edge of developments and techniques. 


PMAC combines science and art to provide every client the best permanent makeup design and retention. For all permanent makeup services, we attempt to do the least amount of trauma to the skin to ensure the healing process does not change her work drastically. For eyebrow services, we work with the natural flow, direction and shape of any existing hairs to keep your brows natural looking. We believe in starting small and on the touchup adding additional volume in all her services. 


The owner and artist is Erica Roybal. She obtained a bachelor degree in Biomedical Sciences from Colorado State University. She has a four year background as a lab scientist that geared her with the skillset to be exact, precise and understand skin from a histological standpoint. Being able to express herself creatively, an aesthetic eye for all things, her precise demeanor combined have made permanent makeup her dream job. She went on to become a licensed esthetician in the state of Colorado from Denver School of Botanical and Medical Aesthetics. She took an advanced microblading training at Worldmicroblading with Irina Chen. To legally perform permanent makeup services in the state of Colorado, she studied with Erla Trujillo Beauty Mark Skincare to complete her 132 hour certification. She completed additional training with Oxana Hull, LE and PMU artist. Erica is currently enrolled in a training with Sviatoslav Otchensach, a world famous artist. In June 2019, she will attend to Biotek International Conference to meet and watch international industry leaders. 

Erica is inspired to pursue a career in aesthetics because for her- Aesthetics is not just a beauty thing, it's giving confidence that lasts. The mission of PMAC is to empower women through evoking self-confidence with permanent makeup. 


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Carolina grew up in Sao Paulo, Brazil till the age of six then moved to Ireland for a few years before finally settling in Washington State where she grew up. She always had a passion for beauty and loved giving her mom, sister and friends makeovers. Growing up she worked a variety a jobs but would always come back to this passion. She finally decided when she was 23 that she wanted to work in an industry where she could make other women feel just as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside. She studied for her Esthetician License at IBMC College in Longmont and fell even more in love with skincare and aesthetics. While in school Carolina trained with Borboleta Beauty for eyelash extensions and developed her skill and interest as her time progressed in school. She graduated with honors in April and successfully acquired her Esthetician License in May of 2019. She’s completed a specialized microblading training in Seattle Washington and looks forward to her Permanent Makeup training Mile High Modern Beauty Academy at PMAC. Carolina is looking forward to her rewarding career with PMAC and can’t wait to learn new skills and consistently improve her techniques to give her clients the best and most beautiful experience possible.  


Permanent Makeup Aesthetics Clinic LLC is located in Oneida Tower Suites

2121 S Oneida St, Ste 335, Denver, CO 80224

There is a free parking lot around the perimeter of the business. Once entering the main lobby, please take the elevator to Floor 3. We are to the right and on the left side of the hall.