Microblading VS Soft Powder Brows

Soft Powder brows and microblading both are permanent makeup procedures that implant pigment in the dermis layer. Powder brows should be completed with a tattoo machine and make micro-punctures in the skin to implant pigment. The artist should shade from light to dark without using much pressure. Powder brows should look soft and natural and not solid. Powder brows commonly fade after 24 months and the client should be the judge when a touchup is needed. This is my favorite out of the two procedures. It is ideal for clients wanting to fill in, give shape or enhance what they already have. If you have no brow hair, I prefer this treatment. 


To complete microblading the artist utilizes a hand tool with a configuration of needles. Hair strokes are drawn in with pigment by making a slice in the skin. It is more traumatic than powder brows on the skin. Microblading fades patchy and commonly fades within 12 to 18 months. Microblading is best for clients wanting the illusion of natural hair strokes. 



Cartridge Needles Type and Size

As a new artist, I had a hard time figuring out the different in needles types and sizes to choose from. I put together this guide to help artists that are also developing there own style and knowledge. 

I prefer to use a size 1R 0.30 mm needle Silky Round Needle for all services.

I have found uses for all permanent makeup services for each of the different type and sizes of cartridges. 

Cartridge Needles Type and Size.jpg