Permanent Lip Contour

Lips attract the attention of a person during conversation, arouses interest among others and is always considered an expression of woman’s sensuality and tenderness. Our sexuality and attractiveness is often distinguished by sensual lips. 

The main technique of permanent lip contouring at PMAC provides maximum naturalness, evenness, sophistication, and elegance. Lips have a clear outline. The complex technique of pigment application allows me to paint the entire lip area causing minimal injury and as a result achieve perfect permanent contouring. 

Anatomy of Lips 


Step 1 during your appointment: Analysis of original lips

Step 2: Establish Goals

  1. Contour sharpness 
  2. Tone evenness
  3. Brightness of a vermillion border 
  4. Proportions of the shape 
  5. Symmetry 
  6. Lips corners layout 
  7. Mimic certain features
  8. Hide the presence of individual features (scars, hyperpigmentation, fordyce spots)
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